Raye-Allen Elementary School

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Fourth Grade

Reading News

This month we will be understanding connections across literary text using theme, genre, and compare and contrast.


Writing News

This month we will continue refining our craft of expository writing. We will review how to look for editing mistakes.


Math  News

We will continue learning about fractions, but near the end of the month we begin reading graphs and tables.


Please make sure that your child is working on multiplication facts (0-12) or division facts.


Science News

During January, we will study how erosion, deposition, and erosion cause slow changes to Earth's surface.


Social Studies News

We will be studying how the Republic of Texas and statehood formed.

Technology at Home LOGINS
www.student.freckle.com (reading and math)
-Username: special (take home folders)
-Password: computer login password

Education Galaxy (reading, writing, and math)
-Username: student ID (use letter of class at the end for example 123456m (math), 123456w (writing))
-Password: computer login password

Reflex Math (fact fluency)
-Username: teachers login name (Sullwold)
-Password: computer login password

Study Island (practice for reading and math)
-Username: student ID
-Password: computer login password

Headsprout (practice for reading)
-Username: teachers login name
-Password: computer login password


Susie Contreras

Mandy Nettleton

Leah Sullwold


Upcoming Events

JAN 14 – ACE Returns

JAN 16 – Family Game Night

JAN 21 – Holiday

JAN 30 – Progress Reports

FEB 15 - Bluebonnet Field Trip

FEB 27 - Report Cards