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Report Cards will be available online Wednesday, November 15th at 4 p.m.
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Fourth Grade

Reading News

We will be Reading to Discover.  We will be making connections, comparisons, forming questions, identifying main ideas, supporting details, and text features.  We will also be spiraling back on our poetry and drama for better understanding.


Writing News

This month we will continue refining our craft of expository writing. In grammar, we will focus on adjectives and adverbs. We will use rules we have learned to determine the correct answer on STAAR practice. Spelling this month will include plurals, homophones, and words with silent letters. Check your child's agendas weekly for our examples.


Math News

We will continuing to solve multi-step problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In December, students will begin to learn about fractions.

Please make sure your child is working on multiplication facts (0-12). Some have made it to division facts!!


Science News

November will be an exciting month in science because we will be studying our planet, Earth. We will be exploring the properties of soil, examining the different types and how well they hold water and their contents.  Additionally, we will learn all about the changes in the Earth's surface. Please ask your student what academic science language they are learning. You will be amazed at all they know!


Social Studies News

Social Studies will be a continuation of our unit on the Native Americans that inhabited Texas as well as learning the importance of the documents:  We will compare the United States' documents with those of the state of Texas.


Technology at Home LOGINS

Compass Learning (practice for reading and math)
-Username: student ID number
-Password: computer login password
-School: raye-allen

Reflex Math (fact fluency)
-Username: teachers login name
-Password: computer login password

Study Island (practice for reading and math)
-Username: student ID
-Password: computer login password

Raz Kids (practice for reading)
-Username: teachers login name
-Password: computer login password

Headsprout (practice for reading)
-Username: teachers login name
-Password: computer login password


Deborah Blankenship

Susie Contreras

Mandy Nettleton

Leah Sullwold


Upcoming Events


Nov. 9: Thanksgiving Meal

Nov. 15: Report Cards

Nov. 15: EAFK ceremony

Nov. 20-24: Fall Break